Flow Canvas

A collaborative source of truth for your customer journeys

Plot's collaborative flow canvas is the fastest and most powerful way to plan, build, prototype, measure, and scale lifecycle projects
Order fulfillment sequence with Plot canvas on the left, and Plot editor on the right.
Brainstorm and Brief

Map journeys at the speed of thought

From ideation to iteration, rapidly sketch content across 10+ channels with predefined components and templates.

Translation: never format a rectangle or draw an arrow again.
A diagram of an email welcome series for an ecommerce brand
Play Flow automation of a marketing email welcome series
Prototype, Present, and QA

Generate instant, interactive prototypes

Shorten review cycles and accelerate QA with one-click prototypes. Easily play, share, and present every possible user path.
Play Flow automation of a marketing email welcome series
Document, Measure, and Refine

See metrics where it matters most—next to your creative

Plot provides clear, company-wide visibility into your conversion and retention efforts, and their content, creative, and performance.
Example reporting dashboard that displays stats for 4 marketing emailsExample reporting dashboard that displays stats for 4 marketing emails
A user leaving a comment in Plot's editorA user leaving a comment in Plot's editor
Collaborate and Create

Collaborate with context and alignment

Get copy, design, product, support, and every other stakeholder on the same page. Streamline content production and feedback in one shared, organized workspace.

The complete collaboration tool for lifecycle and retention marketing

Icon of 3 cubes stacked in a pyramid shape
Build together
Brainstorm and create together with multiplayer presence, live editing, and comments
Play button icon
Prototype early and often
Generate beautiful, shareable, interactive prototypes at any stage, even before coding a single email
An icon that shows a graph increase
Measure and refine
Connect your ESP to automate reporting; spend less time wrangling data, more time acting on it
An icon of a fork git
Automate documentation
Catalog every touchpoint, subject line, design, and A/B test for team-wide documentation and reference
A frame icon
Stay in sync with creative
Embed Figma files to preview work-in-progress design, or paste HTML to manage final approvals and QA
An icon that shows two files stacked on top of one another
Revisit past versions
Capture, name, and annotate key versions with snapshots, so you can compare and iterate with confidence