7-Day Free Trial

Ensure 7-day trial users experience the value of your product in order to convert them to paying customers.
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7-Day Free Trial Email Flow Diagram

Do you offer a free trial?

If you're thinking about offering a free trial for your SaaS business, you're not alone. Free trials have become increasingly popular as an acquisition tactic. It makes sense—research shows that the average free trial conversion rate for opt-in (no credit card required) is 25%, and opt-out (payment required up front) is 60%, with B2C companies experiencing higher conversion rates than B2B.

There are a number of different ways you can set up a trial:

  • Opt-in: the user must take action to convert to paid after the trial ends
  • Opt-out: the user enters their credit card up front and automatically converts to a subscriber at the end of the trial (unless they cancel beforehand)
  • Limited: the user is given access to a limited feature set
  • Unlimited: the user has unlimited, full access to your product or service
  • Time frame: trials can last anywhere from 7-60 days depending on how complex your product is (the more complex, the longer the trial)

No matter what type of trial you offer, it's important to have an effective onboarding series in place to ensure your trial users get the most out of their experience.

Setting up your flow

To help you get started, we put together a 7-day trial onboarding series for a B2B SaaS business. This flow is designed to introduce new users to your product, show them the value you bring to their workflow or business, and convert them to a paying subscriber.

Day 1: Welcome

The first email in your series welcomes the user to your platform. Consider having this email be personal—from the CEO, a customer success lead, etc. Be sure to thank your customer for signing up, and include any helpful resources like a link to your FAQ. If you have time-sensitive offers, include them here (like a discount for upgrading to a paid subscription before the trial period ends).

Day 2: How-to video

This email should include an introductory video or product tour. Show your customers how to sign in, set up their account (e.g. invite teammates, create a project, etc.), and use any key features. Video is a great medium for visual learners and folks who don't have time to learn the ins and outs of your product. If you have supplemental materials like slides or a transcript, be sure to include them.

Day 4: Scenario

Your third email shows users how your product can benefit them in a real-world scenario. Consider including a case study or testimonial for social proof, with applicable screenshots and quotes. Use this email to demonstrate how your product can provide real, tangible value and how it has helped other customers achieve their goals.

Day 6: Trial ending soon

The fourth email provides a reminder that the trial is ending soon. It should include a clear CTA to upgrade, and should tell your customers about any savings options (e.g. subscribe & save) or timely discounts.

Day 7: Trial over

This is the last email in your series. It’s a transactional email that notifies your user that their trial has ended. Include a CTA to upgrade and any other helpful resources like how to resubscribe, how to follow you on social, etc.

By implementing an educational and engaging onboarding series, you can help your users get the most out of their trial and increase their likelihood of converting. Remember to keep your emails focused on providing value and delivering a great experience.

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