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Drum up excitement for a back in stock item and give VIP customers first access.
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Back in Stock Flow Diagram

What’s a Back in Stock flow?

If you’re a brand selling physical products, you’ve almost certainly run into a supply-chain issue in your lifetime. When you experience the inevitable out-of-stock moment, we recommend spinning up a presale or waitlist campaign ASAP so you can keep track of interested customers.

The following flow will help you drum up excitement for an out-of-stock item and give VIP customers first access when it becomes available.

Setting up your flow

First things first, if you’re running a browse abandon flow, be sure to exclude your out-of-stock item from that flow. You don’t want to remind customers about a product that isn’t currently available.

Now, for your back in stock flow, start by segmenting your list. We recommend three segments:

  1. VIP customers
  2. People who signed up for the waitlist
  3. People who viewed the out-of-stock item but did not sign up for the waitlist

This series has 4-6 emails:

  • Email 1: Give exclusive, early access to your VIP customers. This is an easy way to remind them how much you value their loyalty. We recommend sending 2-5 days before your public release date to instill a sense of urgency.

  • Email 2: Send a teaser to your waitlist cohort. The people on your waitlist are extremely high intent; they took the time to enter their email and request to be notified when your product is back in stock. Get them excited about the stock replenishment with a teaser email. We recommend sending this 1 day before your restock date.

  • Email 3: It’s launch day! This is your main back in stock email and it should be sent to all of your segments. It should include a direct link to purchase your product, as well as contextual images and text to remind your subscribers why they were interested in the first place.

  • Email 4: For anyone who hasn’t converted, consider sending a reminder email. This email should convey a sense of urgency, e.g. “Don’t miss out”, or “Get the blouse that sold out in 3 days.”

The goal of this series is to create scarcity and excitement—FOMO converts. 😉

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