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Show your customers you care by celebrating them on their special days.
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Milestone Celebrations Flow Diagram

What are milestone emails?

What better way to say thank you to your community than by celebrating their most important moments? Milestone emails offer a simple, effective way to reward loyal customers and connect with them on a personal level. By making an effort to recognize them on special occasions, you show them that you care. 

Some important milestones:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Achieving VIP status
  • Order count or usage data (e.g. their 25th purchase, or a 30-day streak of opening your app)

Setting up your flow

Milestone sequences are brief. They typically include just one or two emails and are easy to set up and automate. To get started:

  1. Choose a milestone
    Pick a milestone to celebrate.

  2. Collect the data
    Ensure you’re collecting the data necessary to activate your flow. Let’s use birthday as an example: consider asking customers to add their DOB to their profile. Make it clear that their birthday data will only be used to send them offers on their special day.

    Once you’ve collected the appropriate data, you’ll need to send it to your EMS. While most data points are already available via integrations, depending on the data and its source you may need to create a custom property or event.

  3. Craft your message
    Now it’s time to write your email (or SMS or push). For birthdays, consider offering a discount or freebie. For anniversaries, you could send a heartfelt message thanking your customers for their ongoing support (Tip: try pairing this with exclusive access to a new product).

    Whichever milestone you choose to celebrate, make sure your email is personal and relevant to the occasion.

  4. Deploy
    For this flow, we suggest only sending one email. If you provided a discount or special offer, you might also send a reminder to anyone who hasn’t redeemed it after 7 days.

Celebrating customers on their special day(s) goes a long way in boosting brand affinity and retention. By recognizing your community on special occasions, you show them that they—and their business—matter to you.

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