Event Sequence

Leverage lead-generation events or conferences to follow-up with, engage, and acquire new customers.
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Event Sequence Email Flow Diagram

Why build an Event or Conference Series?

Events are a great way to promote your brand, generate leads, and build relationships with potential customers. They're an important part of your marketing mix, but they're also a lot of work to plan and execute. You need to cull your audience list, promote your event, and acquire registrations. Once people register, you need to provide them with all the information they need so they actually show up (e.g. event reminders, flight discounts, hotels). And once the event is over, you’re still not done! It’s a good idea to follow up with your attendees and ensure everyone had a good experience.

Your goal is to turn non-customers into qualified leads, leads into customers, and customers into brand ambassadors. The following sequence will help you nurture your list and reach a meaningful attendance rate.

Setting up your flow

This flow is triggered as soon as someone signs up for your event.

Email 1: Registration confirmation

The first email in your series should confirm the details of your event and provide any information attendees will need, such as directions, parking instructions, and a list of nearby hotels. Be sure to include a CTA so they can save the event to their calendar.

Email 2: Event reminder

A few days before your event, send a reminder email with all the details attendees need to know. Include any last-minute announcements or changes, as well as an agenda so your attendees know what to expect. For in-person events, consider including a list of nearby restaurants and attractions in case people are coming from out of town and need ideas.

Email 3: Follow up

Segment this email by those who attended your event vs. those who didn't. For attendees, thank them for coming and include a recap with photos, recordings, slides, highlights, Tweets, etc. For people who registered but did not attend, tell them you're sorry you missed them and share a brief recap.

Email 4: Additional resources

For people who attended your event, include any additional resources they might find helpful, such as blog posts, ebooks, or whitepapers. If you co-hosted your event, you might include promotional material from your partner. For people who didn't attend, consider sending them resources that will help them next time (such as a guide to choosing the right event).

Email 5: Future events

Invite your audience to be the first to know about future events. Include a CTA to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media.

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