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Prompt your customers' referrals to make their first purchase.
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Referral Activation Flow Diagram

What is a Referral Activation Flow?

After you’ve launched your referral flow, it’s time to initiate your referral activation flow. When we talk about “referrals” in this flow, we are referring to new users who have been referred to your company by someone else (the “referrer”).

Referred users are typically high intent, and may be more loyal than non-referred customers as they were introduced to your company by someone they trust. It’s important to give them a well-designed activation flow to help them convert quickly.

Setting up your flow

The purpose of this flow is to introduce the referral to your company, activate them as a paying customer, and turn them into a brand ambassador so they continue referring others. The flow contains 2-3 emails:

  • Email 1: Offer the incentive that was promised to your referral. For example, “[Referrer] gifted you $30!”
  • Email 2: Wait 2 days, then send a follow up email to anyone who hasn’t purchased. For example: “Your $30 is waiting.” This reminds them that they have unused rewards and encourages them to return to your site.

Once your referral converts, they’ll be entered into your post-purchase series. Consider personalizing their welcome email to acknowledge they were referred by a trusted friend.

That's it! This simple flow will help you convert high quality referrals. By giving this cohort a great experience, they'll be more likely to refer their friends, creating a strong referral engine for your business.

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