Refillable SKU

Encourage customers of refillable SKUs (e.g. body care, coffee) to subscribe or remind them to refill.
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Refillable SKU Flow Diagram

What is a Refillable SKU flow?

Also known as a renewal or replenishment flow, the refillable SKU flow provides an important reminder for your customers to purchase from you again—either before they run out of your product or as soon as they’re finished.

This can be done through a variety of messaging types, such as email, push, or in-app messages. The key is to give your customers enough time to reorder before they actually need your product.

Why is this flow important?

There are several reasons to implement a Refillable SKU flow:

  1. To increase sales
    Cash is king.

  2. To convert your existing customer base
    It is more efficient to convert your existing customers than it is to acquire new ones, as your existing customers already have at least a basic understanding of your brand and products.
  1. To improve the customer experience
    By reminding your members when to rebuy, they’re never left empty handed.

  2. To build loyalty
    If customers know they can rely on you for a reminder, they’re more likely to continue doing business with you.

  3. To reduce churn
    If customers have the opportunity to replenish their supply before they actually need it, they are less likely to go elsewhere to find a similar product.

Setting up your flow

The refillable SKU flow typically contains 1-2 emails. It is triggered by the Order Shipped event, and is sent after a time delay (e.g. 4 weeks after last shipment). The time delay will vary based on your product or service.

For example, let’s say you run a toothpaste business. Based on your usage data, you’ve established that households take an average of 45 days to finish one tube of toothpaste. Since your product comes in 3- or 6-packs, you send a unique version of your refillable SKU email to each cohort: one version for 3-pack buyers on Day 120, and one version for 6-pack buyers on Day 260.

Now, it’s time to build your flow:

  • Email 1: Let the customer know it’s time for a refill. If you offer a subscription, now is a great time to incentivize the customer to upgrade. Consider providing a discount for subscribers or another incentive like free shipping or access to your loyalty program.
  • Email 2: If the customer hasn’t purchased a refill, send a reminder email.


The refillable SKU flow is a great way to drive sales among your existing customers, build loyalty, and improve the customer experience. It's a simple automation that will help you build rapport with your community while directly impacting your bottom line.

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