Templates for Retention

Acquiring customers is great, but retaining them is even better. Use these retention email flow templates to target existing customers with content that increases loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction.
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Milestone Celebrations Email Flow Diagram
Birthday / Milestones
Show your customers you care by celebrating them on their special days.
Churn Risk Email Flow Diagram
Churn Risk
Prevent churn by identifying and reengaging lapsed or inactive customers.
NPS Survey Email Flow Diagram
NPS Survey
Measure customer satisfaction and collect user feedback.
Post Purchase Series Email Flow Diagram
Post Purchase Series
Guide customers through product how-tos or other useful information after they make a purchase.
Reengagement Email Flow Diagram
Reengagement Series
Reenage inactive customers with a discount or by showing them what they've missed.
Refillable SKU Email Flow Diagram
Refillable SKU
Encourage customers of refillable SKUs (e.g. body care, coffee) to subscribe or remind them to refill.
Sunset Email Flow Diagram
Sunset Flow
Phase out customers who no longer engage with your brand to ensure a clean list.
Winback Email Flow Diagram for Ecommerce
Winback (Ecommerce)
Recoup lost revenue by reengaging customers who recently canceled their subscription.

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