Sunset Flow

Phase out customers who no longer engage with your brand to ensure a clean list.
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Email Sunset Flow Diagram

What is a Sunset Flow?

A sunset flow is an email campaign that's sent to subscribers who are no longer engaging with your content in a last attempt to win them back. It will show you who qualifies as inactive and help you keep your email list clean.

Below, we’ll explain when to sunset your users, steps to take prior to removing them, and how to segment your audience for the best chance at reengagement.

How to segment your users

There are a few ways to segment your subscribers. We suggest segmenting by engagement levels, such as users who haven’t opened or clicked an email in the last 30 days.

Depending on your business, you may also segment by purchase history (e.g. users who haven’t made a purchase in the last year), or location (e.g. users who don’t live in your available markets).

Setting up your flow

In this example, we are sunsetting all users who haven’t engaged with our emails in the last 30 days. We’re defining engagement as having opened or clicked a marketing email.

The flow consists of 2-4 emails, with each email sent 3 days apart.

  • Email 1: If the user hasn’t received your winback flow, start by sending a “We miss you” email. Consider including an incentive to encourage them to come back and shop.
  • Email 2: Ask the user if they are still interested in hearing from you. Only send this email to users who have not engaged with Email 1.
  • Email 3: Ask the user one last time if they would like to remain on your list. Use a compelling subject line like, “Is this really goodbye?” Only send this email to users who haven’t engaged with Emails 1 and 2.

Sunsetting your inactive subscribers

Once your campaign is complete, it’s time to sunset your inactive readers. Proceed with removing anyone who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in this series from your marketing list. If the user is subscribed to other lists (e.g. Product updates), they should remain on those lists.

Removing inactive subscribers keeps your list healthy and deliverability high. It also lets you focus on subscribers who are interested in hearing from you, and improve engagement and conversions from that cohort.

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