Welcome Series (B2B)

Offer a warm welcome to new list subscribers and introduce them to your products.
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Welcome Series Email Flow Diagram

What’s a Welcome Series?

A welcome series is a sequence of emails that a company sends to new subscribers after they join their email list. Typically, users will join your list from a targeted landing page (e.g. "Join our email list and receive this free 6-part series on improving retention"), or from your website.

The welcome series is intended for non-customers. It's a critical part of the user journey that serves as an introduction to your brand and products. It should focus on educating and engaging prospective customers with the goal of converting them to paid subscribers. It's also an opportunity to build trust and credibility with your audience, and to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Setting up your flow

Depending on your product or service, your welcome series should include 3-7 emails, each one spaced 2-3 days apart. Your tone should be warm, friendly, and informative. To help you get started, we put together a welcome series for a B2B SaaS business:

Email 1: Introduction

Your first email is triggered as soon as a customer signs up for your list. If the user is already a customer, thank them for signing up and proceed to exit them from the flow. Remember, this flow is only for non-customers.

If the user is a non-customer, begin by introducing yourself and your company. Give a brief overview of what you do and why you're the best at it. You might consider giving your audience a 10% discount as a thank you for signing up.

Email 2: USP 1

Start educating your new subscribers on your products and benefits. Highlight a key USP and explain how it will improve your reader's workflow or business. Include a module that invites users to tour your product and/or sign up for a free trial.

Email 3: USP 2

Highlight another core feature of your product. This might be the feature that gives most users their "a-ha" moment. Encourage your subscribers to experience this feature themselves by signing up for a demo or free trial.

Email 4: Free resources

Provide value to your subscribers beyond your physical product. Consider sharing a whitepaper or webinar about important data or updates in your industry. If you have a blog or additional resources, add a link to them here.

Email 5: Case study or testimonial

Let your customers do the talking. Share a testimonial, success story, or case study to show how your product has helped others achieve their goals. You might also include stats like "Used by over 3,000 companies" or highlight any awards you've won.

Email 6: 20% off annual plan

This is the last email in your series. Be sure to discuss your pricing and packaging, and remind your users about any "subscribe & save" offers. If you offer demos or 1:1 consultations, include a CTA to book.

The welcome series is a critical lever for acquisition, as email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates among marketing channels. A strong welcome series gives brands an opportunity to engage with their audience, build trust, gain credibility, and convert non-customers into paying subscribers through product education and exclusive offers.

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